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A Single Source of Intercompany Truth

Automate without workflow

What it is

Unlike workflow-based software approaches, OneBiller provides end-to-end intercompany automation using configurable billing routes between buyers and sellers. This enables companies to structure transactions into service types and enrich transactional data to generate impactful intercompany process analysis and insights.

How it works

Connecting directly to ERPs and other data sources, the dynamic rules engine serves as a data stream for routing transactions and data across the platform. Rules logic, validation and allocation tables and a tax engine inform how transactions are billed across the billing route, allowing teams to book both sides of the intercompany entry on each ledger. Reconciliations become seamless and balances get settled.

Key Benefits

Improve Resource

Improve Resource Efficiency

Scale operations without additional resources

Optimize Indirect Tax

Optimize Indirect Tax Positions

Maximize defendable tax deductibility

Compliant & Auditable

Compliant and Auditable Transactions

Clean books and records


Line-level Transparency to Drive Operational Productivity

Analyze the intercompany landscape, manage KPIs in real-time to enhance operations

Explore OneBiller


See your entire billing landscape centralized and at a glance. View all invoices by source and payment status. See tax invoices, memo and credit notes in real time.


Inbound Summary

Analyze incoming billing details, volumes and billing statuses in real-time. Download details for business-specific analysis.

OB IO Details

Billing Route Configuration

Set-up billing routes between buyer and seller entities to enable touchless billing. Identify what is billed using standard service types.

OB BillingRoute

Upload Options

Submit billing data via APIs, SFTP or standard inbound templates. Batch upload and view status in aggregate or individually.

OB Upload

Billing Details

View billing details in aggregate. Drill into line level details for more information, including enriched data attributes such as transfer pricing mark-up or VAT applied.

OB Details Alt


View system generated tax-compliant invoices at any time. Address e-invoice requirements across all tax jurisdictions.

OB InvoiceOutput

Integrated Disputes

Log billing inquiries and disputes centrally via persistent ticketing pop-up or an integrated support and knowledge portal.


User Configuration

Easily add new users and grant permissions across the organization. Grant or restrict access to capabilities based on user access levels.