Consolidate Purchasing Power

Audit & Validate Invoices, Pay On-Time and Recharge Internally

What it is

An extension to OneBiller, Paymaster is external vendor management providing automated vendor invoice and data reviews to audit and validate vendor invoices.

How it works

Paymaster manages complex, itemized vendor invoices, including asset and device, service-line and properties invoices, which are then audited and validated. An allocation engine, connected to OneBiller, bills the respective portion of the invoice to each entity consuming the services, ensuring accurate invoicing and a single, on-time payment back to the vendor.


Digital Audit

Digital Audit & Invoice Consolidation

Eliminate vendor invoice disputes

Streamline Vendor Relationships

Streamline Vendor Relationships

Consolidate purchasing power across the business

Allocate Cost

Allocate Cost

Automate complex invoice recharges

Manage & Plan Global Cash

Manage & Plan Global Cash Outflows

Budgetary peace of mind

Explore Paymaster

Internal View

See all incoming invoices and their status at a glance. Manage and track important calendar dates, invoice summaries and upcoming tasks.

Paymaster homepage

Manage Audit Rules

Update and maintain invoice audit rules easily for touchless invoice audits.

add rule 2-1

Audit Rules Validation

Easily load invoices at a summary or detail level. View all outstanding billings and their status. Access payment instruction detail.

Audit rules 2

Audit Trail

Monitor invoice progression from receipt through to liquidation. View at a glance invoice status.

Audit trail 2

Invoice Details

Manage vendor relationships in aggregate and at a detailed invoice level. Centrally access all vendor invoices.

invoice details 2

User Configuration

Easily add new users and grant permissions across the organization. Grant or restrict access to capabilities based on user access levels.

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